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Introducing the I.Am WordPress theme

Posted in Blog on January 24th, 2013

Like many people at the start of the year I decided on some projects to work on in the coming months, one of which is to develop some new professional WordPress themes. The first one in the works right now is the one you see in use on this site which will be made available in a few weeks time once finalised.

Aimed at professionals, or new graduates, looking to have a professional site to present to the world it allows them to showcase their headline portfolio work and provide a portal to their key social media network profiles, all supported by a clean blog design. As I envisage the theme being used to convey something of the site owner’s personality this is why it is called “I.Am”.

Built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework for its responsive layout  the theme works well on any device view port size with some supporting media queries to improve viewing on certain ranges of screen size. It is my intention to keep the design clean and open, making use of a limited palette with generous white space to create a particular tone akin to that of an art gallery. Classy, easy on the eye and yet unique.

With customisable background images, customisation of the front page content as well as plans for custom page templates it has promise to be a very robust theme which can be easily customised and made to reflect the personality of the site owner.

To find out when and where you can get the new I.Am theme check back soon, or even better subscribe to the site RSS feed and follow me on Twitter for updates.