Ragnar Karlsson

Front end web designer/developer

About me

A Nottinghamshire based web designer/developer with a background in running scalable commercial websites.

Over the last twelve years I have worked on high quality PCI compliant sites serving tens of thousands of global customers. As a strong team player I take pride in my ability to manage my own time whilst working with a small team, in conjunction with multiple departments or liaising with external providers to deliver projects from conception to completion.


You can email me direct through the website, leave a comment on blog posts which take your interest or connect with me through one of the many online networks I use.

Currently I am available for hire as a freelance contractor depending on your needs. If you wish to contact me for professional web design and development please either email me direct or connect with me on LinkedIn.




To get in touch professionally please feel free to contact me via my profile on LinkedIn, I welcome anyone that could benefit from having me in their network.

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The widely popular microblogging world is one I know well and have been actively participating in for several years now, feel free to follow me if you wish!

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